Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Recovering A Scratched 360 Game

While playing Lost Odyssey I got to a point in the game where it came up "Disc Read Error" ever time I tried to get past it. I took the disc out of my 360 and lo and behold:
The disc has a circular scratch going around the outside, the 360 has claimed yet another disc to an early grave :(

Although my 360 has the ability to read backup discs (Flashed firmware) and although I have the drive in my computer for reading 360 discs I hadn't backed up Lost Odyssey (It was a 4 disc game and I didn't want to spend the money on DVD-DL). I really should've though.

Since my disc is screwed I decided i'd try and make a backup (it's a bit late now :P), so I opened XBOX Backup Creator and was ripping it:

After about 40% of ripping the disc I hit the scratched part of the disc and was getting this message:

Now thats not good news, I clicked retry a few times but it was a no-go, the data is lost. So I clicked "Zero Fill Sector(s)" and I kept getting these messages so I tried to tick "Apply zero fill to all remaining sector errors." but I guess that feature is broken because it kept asking me all the time anyway. To solve this problem I went and downloaded AutoIt and made this script:

While 1 == 1
 WinWait("DVD Read Error")
 ControlClick("DVD Read Error", "&Zero Fill Sector(s)", "&Zero Fill Sector(s)")

This just waits for the error and makes it click Zero Fill, 1 will always equal 1 so the script loops.
Pretty basic script eh?

But this doesn't solve the problem that i'm getting a shitload of bad sectors in my dump (as a result of the scratched disc) does it now? Now this is the fun part :P Even though my disc has the lovely circular scratch on it and a lot of sectors are unreadable for the most part all the data is intact though (about 5% of the disc is lost) so my drive is making a nice clean ISO :)

It's taken me 12hours so far to make my ISO (66.09% at the moment) - will complete this post when it's finished.

Edit: ok done ripping, here is a screenshot:

Ok, as you can see it took 13hrs and 33mins for me to rip it and I have 44,574 bad sectors on my ISO. Clearly this is rather unacceptable even if its not a large amount of data (about 200mb), how am I going to fix this? The answer is what everyone is always trying to hate on, the torrents! Even though my disc is damaged and I can't get all the data off of it I can still recover it by using a torrent, all I have to do is download the torrent and get the add dialog open:

Now expand DVD1 and check the filename (you probably wont have to as most games are single disc), rename your ISO file to be the same as the torrent one:

Now i've renamed my ISO i'm going to click OK on uTorrent and it should recognise the ISO I made as being the same (ensure you get same region as your disc, mine is PAL as I live in Australia)

Unfortunately this didn't work as well as i'd planned it:

But at least having 2.85gb already completed is alright..

I really wish Microsoft had some sort of disc replacement program for discs that were damaged by your console.

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