Friday, September 24, 2004

Fable = Fucking Awesome

I got Fable the other day and it's fucking awesome. I finished it in 3 days but I didn't get all the demon doors and shit. The game is pretty easy sadly. I stocked up on the resurrection things, the max you can get is 9 though (9 lives like cat eh?) but never even had to use 1 of them (aka I didn't die) just buy as many Green Apples and Red Meat as you can since they are the cheapest food and they still heal you well. Upgrade your Strength a lot too as toughness really does reduce the damage you take a lot! Buy an Obsidian Greatsword as they are the most powerful thing you can afford (only ~3500 gold at most places) and will last you the entire game. After killing the end boss you can get the master dragon slaying sword from Bowerstone North (or before killing the last boss but since it costs 80,000 gold you'd better make sure you have enough!) which I assume is the best sword in the game (excluding The Sword Of Aeons which you can get if you kill your sister at the end of the game) To keep playing the game after you finish it you must watch the credits which go for 20 minutes (!!) ah well at least they have some nice pictures so just grab a Simpsons DVD or something to do while you wait.

Overall Fable gets a 8/10 for being too short.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

No Updates in Awhile

Hey guys haven't updated my blog in awhile, I really should update this thing more often. I really forgot about it until recently. I've just come back from a LAN at Rbn's house from Friday til Sunday. I remembered to get some sleep at this LAN so i'm not totally fucked right now. In fact I don't feel tired at all but I have this burning stain in my mouth after drinking 1.25L of Vanilla Coke. Damn it's annoying.

Josh's XBOX was softmodded sucessfully with the UDE exploit after something like 6 weeks of Rbn been asleep or not home or not having the stuff we needed. It's a good thing we got it done beacuse his dad was getting pissed off at having to drive him over here every weekend lol

I have 4 gmail invites at the moment so if anyone wants to be invited to gmail talk to me before they are all gone :D

Right now I am trying to get this "Killer Instinct X" thing onto my XBOX, it's not really an xbox game its the arcade versions of Killer Instinct emulated on the XBOX. I am out of PC hard drive space so it's hard to get it onto my hard drive ready for transfer which is a pain in the ass.

Today I had some mod points on /. which I used to mod some people up :)

Checkout my friends web comic at

Arg me mum is telling me to goto bed now. I was hoping to add more to this post. Ah well catch.