Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Dog's Dying :(

My dog Monty is dying.

He's 12 years old so i've had him for pretty much as long as I can remember (i'm 19 now).

A couple days ago he was sort of going off his food so we took him to the vets and the guy there felt his kidneys and stomach and abdomen (he said they tense it when they are in pain) and said he seemed fine. Then he did a blood test and said he found that enzemyes in the kidney had increased but that wasn't abnormal if he hadn't been eating.

Today as he was still off his food we went to some vets to see what we could try feeding him. The Diamond Creek vet said that if they don't want to eat boiled or roast chicken then there is something wrong with them, and that's what we'd been trying to feed monty.

He saw what the other vet had written regarding an enezyme incresae in his kidneys and straight away said that was very bad (without being able to see the blood test results for himself).

We went back to the vet at Bundoora where the guy originally looked at him and a woman felt his kidneys and straight away said there was something going on. Monty got given an ultrasound and it was revealed that he has bad cancer in both of his kidneys :(

Tomorrow we are going to take Monty for a walk on the beach and to my nans place (she has a dog named Missy that he gets along with)

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