Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Comment, http://apple.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=156975&cid=13161252 from Slashdot

The benefits are obvious (Score:2, Funny)
by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday July 26, @09:46AM (#13161252)
OS X is closed source. This means that it is the work of the devil - its purpose is to make the end users eat babies.

Linux is the only free OS. Yes the BSD lincenses may appear more free, but as they have no restrictions, they are actually less free than the GPL. You see, restricting the end user more actually makes them more free than not putting restrictions on them. You must be a dumb luser for not understanding this.

And you obviously dont have a real job. A real job involves being a student or professional academic. You see, academics are the ones who know all about productivity - if you work for a commercial organisation you obviously do not know anything about computers. Usability is stupid. Whats wrong with the command line? If you cant use the command line then you shouldnt be using a computer. vi should be the standard word processor - you are such a luser if you want to use Word. Installing software should have to involve recompiling the kernel of the OS. If you dont know how to do this, you are a stupid luser who should RTFM. Or go to a Linux irc channel or newsgroup. After all, they are soooo friendly. If you dont know how the latest 2.6 kernel scheduling algorithm works then they will tell you to stop wasting their time, but they really are quite supportive.

Oh, and M$ is just as evil as Apple. Take LookOUT for instance. You could just as easily use Eudora. Who needs groupware anyway, a simple email client should be all we use (thats all we use as academics, why cant businesses be any different).

And trend setters - Linux is the trend setter. It may appear KDE is a ripoff from XP, but thats because M$ stole the KDE code. We all know they have GPL'ed code hidden in there somewhere (but not the things that dont work, only the things that work could possibly have GPL'ed code in it).

And Apple is the suxor because they charge people for their product. We all know that its a much better business model to give all your products away for free. If you charge for anything, then you are allied with M$ and will burn in hell.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Hosting a LAN + Jugular Noob

Having a LAN tomorrow. Filming the first few episodes (or the first at least) of Jugular n00b our new internet TV series. Somebody turned off the computers at the wall today therefore my Linux box was hard shutdown =/ Started it up again and hope there is no repeat!

School is pretty bullshit as usual tomorrow we got a curriculum day though so will be having the LAN then even though I Should be doing math homework but fuck that. I got 4 sessions of maths I miss out on tomorrow :D