Friday, October 28, 2005

Quake 4 Dropship Scene Pics

Later in the game you get put into a drop ship and sent to an installation. Here are some pics I took from the scene.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Is Quake 4 Good?

People have been asking me, is Quake 4 good? Well yes it is good. Damn good, it does the Quake series well (on the multiplayer side anyway).

Quake 4 has a nice singleplayer mode until you turn into a strogg at which point the level designers just packed up and went home. Good luck finding ammo or health anywhere. Once you are a strogg expect to run around with 20hp and 10 bullets in each gun being the norm. There are also parts of the game where you have to use various vehicles. Not only are these boring but the stuff you have to do in them just plain sucks. Vehicles are not good in this game. Aside from having virtually no ammo when you become a strogg all e's are turned into 3's because stroggs are more leet than humans. Oh and you run a little faster & have a max of 150hp instead of 100hp. Other than that being a strogg does nothing to change the game. Except for the previously mentioned lack of level designers of course.

I've decided to stop playing the singleplayer because of the gay low ammo in all my guns and no health and move onto multiplayer. It's a lot better than the singleplayer and is like a new version of the Quake 3 multiplayer. It plays well except for the low framerates which you'll encounter at times (mostly in the larger areas of the maps). The maxplayers is set to 12 or 16 on most of the servers yet the maps that shipped with the game aren't really made for those counts. You usually spawn and instantly get killed or have another person spawn right next to you which you can try and dispatch with your crappy machine gun or just rush them with the gauntlet (if they dont rush you first).

Free Image Hosting at
Me, being teh pwnz0rz and all have to carry this over to Quake 4 and pwnz0rz everyone in the servers. Heh heh heh, I so owned those nubs.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

If you are thinking about whether or not you should buy Quake 4 keep in mind the singleplayer is only fun for half of the game but the multiplayer is totally teh pwnz0rz. You might want to wait for a few more user maps to showup though as there are only 9 multiplayer maps that ship with the game. I haven't played any mode except Deathmatch and Tournament so far since all the CTF servers are empty. I guess CTF sucks :P

If I had to rate Quake 4 then i'd rate it as follows:

Graphics: 8 (Doesn't run too hot on older hardware)
Sound: 5 (The guns sound pretty crappy)
Gameplay (Singleplayer): 5 (So-so, not so great)
Gameplay (Multiplayer): 8 (Yay, Quake 3 is back baby!)
Value: 9 (The singleplayer isn't too hot but the multiplayer will keep you coming back for more)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Comment, from Slashdot

The benefits are obvious (Score:2, Funny)
by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday July 26, @09:46AM (#13161252)
OS X is closed source. This means that it is the work of the devil - its purpose is to make the end users eat babies.

Linux is the only free OS. Yes the BSD lincenses may appear more free, but as they have no restrictions, they are actually less free than the GPL. You see, restricting the end user more actually makes them more free than not putting restrictions on them. You must be a dumb luser for not understanding this.

And you obviously dont have a real job. A real job involves being a student or professional academic. You see, academics are the ones who know all about productivity - if you work for a commercial organisation you obviously do not know anything about computers. Usability is stupid. Whats wrong with the command line? If you cant use the command line then you shouldnt be using a computer. vi should be the standard word processor - you are such a luser if you want to use Word. Installing software should have to involve recompiling the kernel of the OS. If you dont know how to do this, you are a stupid luser who should RTFM. Or go to a Linux irc channel or newsgroup. After all, they are soooo friendly. If you dont know how the latest 2.6 kernel scheduling algorithm works then they will tell you to stop wasting their time, but they really are quite supportive.

Oh, and M$ is just as evil as Apple. Take LookOUT for instance. You could just as easily use Eudora. Who needs groupware anyway, a simple email client should be all we use (thats all we use as academics, why cant businesses be any different).

And trend setters - Linux is the trend setter. It may appear KDE is a ripoff from XP, but thats because M$ stole the KDE code. We all know they have GPL'ed code hidden in there somewhere (but not the things that dont work, only the things that work could possibly have GPL'ed code in it).

And Apple is the suxor because they charge people for their product. We all know that its a much better business model to give all your products away for free. If you charge for anything, then you are allied with M$ and will burn in hell.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Hosting a LAN + Jugular Noob

Having a LAN tomorrow. Filming the first few episodes (or the first at least) of Jugular n00b our new internet TV series. Somebody turned off the computers at the wall today therefore my Linux box was hard shutdown =/ Started it up again and hope there is no repeat!

School is pretty bullshit as usual tomorrow we got a curriculum day though so will be having the LAN then even though I Should be doing math homework but fuck that. I got 4 sessions of maths I miss out on tomorrow :D

Monday, April 18, 2005

Adobe Buys Macromedia

HOLY SHIT! Adobe bought Macromedia for $3.4 billion!!

Here is a chat log where I try and point this out to someone with not a great deal of intelligence by the looks of things:

Messenger Plus! is my friend - HOLY SHIT! Adobe bought Macromedia for $3.4 billion!! says:
(li)~Bart~(li) .:Ejukated:. says:
(li)~Bart~(li) .:Ejukated:. says:
sup agret
Messenger Plus! is my friend - HOLY SHIT! Adobe bought Macromedia for $3.4 billion!! says:
(li)~Bart~(li) .:Ejukated:. says:
happy fellow
Messenger Plus! is my friend - HOLY SHIT! Adobe bought Macromedia for $3.4 billion!! says:
its an arrow you idiot
(li)~Bart~(li) .:Ejukated:. says:
(li)~Bart~(li) .:Ejukated:. says:
this is my sisters laptop
(li)~Bart~(li) .:Ejukated:. says:
i have msn plus at home
Messenger Plus! is my friend - HOLY SHIT! Adobe bought Macromedia for $3.4 billion!! says:
its got nothing to do with plus
Messenger Plus! is my friend - HOLY SHIT! Adobe bought Macromedia for $3.4 billion!! says:
its an arrow pointing at my name
Messenger Plus! is my friend - HOLY SHIT! Adobe bought Macromedia for $3.4 billion!! says:
so read it!
(li)~Bart~(li) .:Ejukated:. says:
holy shit
(li)~Bart~(li) .:Ejukated:. says:
Adobe owns macromedia!?
Messenger Plus! is my friend - HOLY SHIT! Adobe bought Macromedia for $3.4 billion!! says:
(li)~Bart~(li) .:Ejukated:. says:
whoa thats mad

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Doom 3 (XBOX) Review

Doom 3 is a faithful port of the PC version to the XBOX. Although they have gotten all the graphical goodness of the PC version onto the less powerful XBOX the frame rate doesn't suffer at all. The game runs with a rock steady FPS hindered with only occasional slowdowns at certain points of the game.

The PDA is accessible with the "Back" button on your Game PAD but the game has noticable lag when entering and exiting from the PDA which gets annoying considering how often you need to use it.

For those of you who never played Doom 3 on the PC the PDA holds voice logs and emails from people whose PDA's you pickup off their corpses. You need to refer to it frequently throughout the game to open storage lockers and certain doors.

Alongside all the features of the PC game Doom 3 also adds a new co-op mode which allows you to tackle the monsters of hell with a buddy over system link or with a complete stranger over XBOX Live. Sadly co-op is limited to only 2 players.

The co-op mode removes almost all story elements and the PDA and is a blast to play through. We played over XLink Kai with a ping of 35 and experienced no lag during the game. At times either Cameron or myself were left without a Flashlight though which got annoying considering how dark the game is, at points it was so dark I was just wandering blindly bumping into all the walls.

Since the co-op removes a lot of the story elements from the game we managed to clock in a 3 hour finish time. It's damn fun while it lasts and holds significant replay if you leave it for a few months in between play sessions.

One of the best additions to co-op is that near the start of the game there are 2 Super Turkey Puncher games setup so you can verse each other. The first to 3000 wins the game, I don't think I beat Cameron once.

Since we got the collectors edition of Doom 3 it came with the original Doom & Doom 2 in the Extra's section. I was terribly disappointed with it as there was no system link support and playing 2 player split screen had you both playing on screens the size of the 4 player split screen. I ended up adding 4 players to the game just so we could have the screens positioned in a normal portion of the screen. Along with this the bad lighting effects make for a totally unplayable experience. I would stick to the Doom Legacy XBOX port for playing Classic Doom. It features Internet, Network & Split Screen play.

Doom 3 contains graphics & physics that are leading games to the next generation. It makes the move to XBOX with no loss of detail and would make an excellent addition to your XBOX collection.

I rate it 4/5.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

New XBOX Power Cable

Free Image Hosting at

My new XBOX power cable arrived from the product recall today. It has a red TEST button and a Green RESET button. I am so fucking confused. It also has a sticker on it that says not to use before reading the manual, in sticker form!
Free Image Hosting at

The manual caters to everyone's needs whether you speak English or you don't speak properly. The language on page 79 scares me immensly.
Free Image Hosting at

It doesn't even slightly resemble any language that I know of (Besides Russian which is pretty fucked already)

Thats it from me i'm off to test out my new "XBOX Protection Cord"

Just fyi the Nintendo DS came out today. I'll ring Michael and ask him about it.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

New XBOX Hard Drive

I got my new XBOX Hard Drive earlier today. It's a 160gb IDE with 8mb Cache. It cost me $138 with $12.55 of that being GST. It was a bitch to setup and took me 6 hours. To start with I made a bootable DVD+RW which worked fine. I then took out my old hard drive and put in my new one. The XBOX would not boot any discs and couldn't boot from a blank harddrive so I kept getting Error 7 (HDD Error) and Error 13 (MSDash Problem). After a couple of hours of re-burning the DVD+RW and switching drives I decided to jump on IRC.

Feb 11 19:26:40 [Agret] Guys i'm trying to install a new hard drive and I need some help. How do you setup a new hard drive? All the tutorials on xbox-scene are stupid the just tell you to put cable select and boot disc. You can't boot without a formatted hard drive. I'm using an x2 lite flashed with X2.4983.06
Feb 11 19:27:16 [UnEZ] you'll need a dash boot disc
Feb 11 19:27:33 [Agret] I have one
Feb 11 19:27:45 [Agret] its called NewHDEvox1.4
Feb 11 19:27:49 [Agret] it's not booting though
Feb 11 19:27:51 [Agret] NOTHING will boot
Feb 11 19:28:16 [UnEZ] burn it right, to the right type of media too that your xbox dvd reader supports
Feb 11 19:28:16 [Agret] retail + backup games get the XECUTER2 logo then goto the error thing the NewHDEvox just boots straight to it with no logo
Feb 11 19:28:38 [Agret] UnEZ it's on DVD+RW it works fine on my old hard drive
Feb 11 19:28:44 [Agret] When I switch to new hard drive it wont boot
Feb 11 19:28:49 [UnEZ] same brand?
Feb 11 19:28:53 [Agret] ?
Feb 11 19:29:01 [UnEZ] the dvd readers
Feb 11 19:29:05 [Agret] its the exact same reader
Feb 11 19:29:08 [Agret] its just a new hard drive
Feb 11 19:29:11 [UnEZ] k
Feb 11 19:29:14 [Agret] nothing else changed
Feb 11 19:29:26 [Agret] I get "Error 7 Hard Drive Error"
Feb 11 19:29:40 [UnEZ] oh
Feb 11 19:29:49 [UnEZ] go over your cabling/jumper
Feb 11 19:29:51 [fierygt] are you sure your ide cable isn't faulty?
Feb 11 19:30:18 [UnEZ] or not plugged in firmly on all 3 connectors
Feb 11 19:30:36 [UnEZ] jump hd to cable-select (or master)
Feb 11 19:30:42 [Agret] it is on cable select
Feb 11 19:30:58 [Agret] fierygt afaik the xbox should be able to boot discs without a hard drive
Feb 11 19:31:15 [UnEZ] i don't think so
Feb 11 19:31:19 [Agret] and how could the IDE cable be faulty it works fine with retail hard drive
Feb 11 19:31:40 [UnEZ] sounds like the *drive* is faulty
Feb 11 19:31:46 [Agret] hmm
Feb 11 19:31:49 [Agret] idk
Feb 11 19:31:52 [Agret] its brand new
Feb 11 19:31:57 [UnEZ] so?
Feb 11 19:32:02 [Agret] i doubt it'd be faulty
Feb 11 19:32:12 [UnEZ] then go over your cabling
Feb 11 19:32:14 [fierygt] well, how many times have you pulled the drives in and out
Feb 11 19:32:22 [Agret] fierygt too many times
Feb 11 19:32:37 [fierygt] the more you do, the better chance you have of damaging cabling
Feb 11 19:32:46 [UnEZ] what kinda answers ya want? error 7 is indeed a hd error
Feb 11 19:33:57 [UnEZ] right, the dvd connector on the ide cable can seperate from the pins/cable from constant removing
Feb 11 19:34:33 [Agret] can you re-state that i dont understand
Feb 11 19:34:41 [Agret] the dvd connector?
Feb 11 19:34:53 [UnEZ] on the ide cable. the 40 pin
Feb 11 19:35:08 [fierygt] agret, don't dismiss small things such as the cabling, or you may be scratching your head for a long time
Feb 11 19:36:17 [UnEZ] watch when you pull on it to remove, you can see the cable pulling away from the pins, sooner or later, those tiny wires will fail to make contact inside the connector
Feb 11 19:36:20 [Agret] wolfman says:
Feb 11 19:36:20 [Agret] doubt it's the drive more likely the way we're trying to load it
Feb 11 19:37:03 [fierygt] well, you also said it won't even boot retail games, correct?
Feb 11 19:37:07 [UnEZ] i dunno, only 1 way to do it
Feb 11 19:37:19 [Agret] fierygt it wont boot retail games after the hd swap
Feb 11 19:37:24 [Agret] when the retail drive is put in the games boot
Feb 11 19:37:34 [UnEZ] still needs a hd for the saved game slot on every game boot
Feb 11 19:37:39 [fierygt] that's because there is no dash
Feb 11 19:37:55 [Agret] also homebrew discs and the evox hd loader thing wont boot
Feb 11 19:37:57 [UnEZ] that would be error 13
Feb 11 19:38:21 [Agret] i get that too
Feb 11 19:38:32 [UnEZ] missing msdash
Feb 11 19:38:34 [Agret] error 7 when evox or homebrew disc loaded
Feb 11 19:38:36 [Agret] error 13 when retail
Feb 11 19:38:51 [Agret] also get error 7 when no disc in drive
Feb 11 19:38:55 [UnEZ] cuz there's no retail dash
Feb 11 19:39:06 [fierygt] are you burning the XISO as an IMAGE? it is very important it be burned that way
Feb 11 19:39:08 [Agret] well yes thats makes sense UnEZ it is listed in the list
Feb 11 19:39:24 [Agret] fierygt tried MooGUI and ZXBTools and Qwix to make XISO and burn with Nero
Feb 11 19:39:30 [Agret] should i attempt a data burn with UDF
Feb 11 19:39:37 [fierygt] no
Feb 11 19:39:47 [fierygt] your probably burning wrong
Feb 11 19:39:50 [UnEZ] !help prebuiltiso
Feb 11 19:39:52 [xbinsHelp] prebuiltiso - There are pre-built EvoX dashboard isos in #xbins ftp, they are in /xbox/apps/dashboards/evolution-x/_unoffical
Feb 11 19:40:02 [UnEZ] !help formatftpevox
Feb 11 19:40:03 [xbinsHelp] formatftpevox - Format a new HD through FTP (v1.8.2594 & higher):
Feb 11 19:40:14 [Agret] ok will get an ISO
Feb 11 19:40:14 [fierygt] close the "new" item menu your getting when you load nero
Feb 11 19:40:20 [Agret] new item?
Feb 11 19:40:25 [Agret] I just go into nero burning row
Feb 11 19:40:26 [Agret] *rom
Feb 11 19:40:30 [Agret] close hwatever pops up
Feb 11 19:40:32 [Agret] goto recorder then burn image
Feb 11 19:40:47 [Agret] choose DVD, 4x, finalize, burn
Feb 11 19:40:47 [UnEZ] yep, cancel the wizard
Feb 11 19:40:59 [UnEZ] dvd??
Feb 11 19:41:05 [UnEZ] dao
Feb 11 19:41:11 [UnEZ] disc-at-once
Feb 11 19:41:14 [Agret] Burn the EvoX dashboard to a CDRW or DVD-R (no CDRs).
Feb 11 19:41:20 [Agret] so uhh dvd+rw isnt supported?
Feb 11 19:41:31 [UnEZ] not on a samsung

Those guys nailed it down to either a dodgy cable or a faulty drive. They also blamed it on my media. I asked in #xbox and they blamed it on my BIOS so I flashed to the latest one (This is before the xbins chat log above) and still nothing. IRC is no help at all and my drive and cabling were both fine. Someone even went so far as to say my motherboard was b0rked. I took the retail drive and the 160gb and cloned the retail bit-by-bit to the 160gb drive using Norton Ghost with the command line switch "ir". After the clone I chucked it in the XBOX and my EvoX booted straight off :) I went into UnleashX and formatted the F: then I returned to EvoX and turned on support for the F Drive. After power cycling the XBOX the F: space free came up as 154gb :) My drive is installed and working. I have just chucked all my Full Metal Alchemist episodes on there (51 of them, the entire set) and GentooX. I am having problems getting GentooX to run though. I have also ripped Halo to the hard drive into my NMP folder so now I can play all the singleplayer and original maps through it :) I'm going to enjoy this 160gb drive it was worth the time (6 hours) and money ($138) Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 29, 2005

New Skype Feature

Skype 1.1 has added a new chat feature for use with up to 48 people. It works really good as you can tell from my screenshot. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

How Tournaments Worked

Posting from Bondy's House. C47 Headquarters.

Re: Follow-up on the CS tournament @ GTL 3.

Bondy has said he wasn't persistant (Maybe I was wrong about him being persistant, maybe not) but anyway I'm just posting to tell you guys how the tournaments worked (In case you were wondering)

How they worked was as follows:
One of the clans picked a side and the other clan joined the opposite side (We got stuck on T both times, I'm not really good as a T player on 1.6). The match went for 12 rounds. After those 12 rounds the sides were switched (So T's-CT's and CT's-T's) then the score was reset. You had to play on the other team and win more rounds than they got while playing as that team. In our first game the CT's won 2 rounds and we won 10 so after the change we only had to win 3 rounds to win. We won hands down. There was a lot of confusion over this method.

I forgot to mention that at GTL3 the game most people were playing was a Half-Life mod called "Natural Selection" Lil'Bondy suggested I try and get people to play ETF but I didn't bother since we were only there for a couple hour's anyway.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Gametec LAN Writeup

C47 won their first match again -]NS[-. During the practice we were 2 members short so I spent about 20 minutes finding Milamber to fight on our side (By joining the public server) and then one of the admins got aK.47 to fight on our side as well. I think -]NS[- were about to get one of the admins to pass them as the winner of the match beacuse of us having too few members. Thanks for putting up with us -]NS[- you put up a good fight. After beating -]NS[- we moved up and fought against U5 who owned us with their awp's. aK.47 kept insisting that they were all 'sus' I wasn't sure what he meant though. Those guys sounded angry they were yelling at each other a hell of a lot. He said they would be off their game but we only won 3 rounds against them. Lil' Bondy insists that U5 were speed hacking, he said if you held TAB before you died you could spectate despite fade-to-black. I wish he told me this while were playing so I could do it myself. I have no proof of U5 speed hacking nor do I agree with his accusation. To me they were just good players who had some AWP's and liked to grenade spam. I must admit at times their grenade throws seemed to be wallhacked. I can't say for certain though as I had no spectator. Anyway I think we all had a good time with the clan matches and I can't wait til GTL4 (Lets hope there is one). I got season 1 & 2 of Dilbert from the lan and the entire Angelic Slayer series (I believe it's the entire thing). They didn't have the last 3 episodes of Full Metal Alchemist there they only had the same ones as me sadly. The_Shadow downloaded a lot of Rurouni Kenshin off me and kept "Search Spamming" but it was still alright. The network was lightning fast with CS pings of 0,1,4,5,9 and once I even saw a -1 (I kid you not!) as you would expect from the quality hardware used there. We were behind a 10/100 switch so we didnt benefit as much as the others from the gigabit backbone (Not that I have a 1000mbps network card but I still would've gotten a faster connection). Thor and myself were leeching that network like crazy. DC is a lot of fun on a LAN. I hope we can get into that Melbourne Wireless sooner or later. This post hasn't been formatted beacuse im posting through "Hello" with my 300bytes/second download I can't view any websites lets hope my 256kbps upload will hold up to post this though :) Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Just a quick note (as per usual these days) about a cool program called WhatPulse which counts how many keystrokes and mouse clicks you make.

It is avaliable for free (with no spyware) from

Here is My User Page.


I found you can also get sighosting at

Here is my sig:

I totally copied it off the sig I saw on the main page by Nick2588

I'm so un-original and evil. But his sig rocks so much :)