Sunday, September 28, 2008

School Holidays Update

Lexx is going to be with me second week after all, so the new plans for the holidays are:
* Look for a job
* Take the A+ exam (don't know about money or if i'm even ready for it)

Yesterday I was playing Halo 3 on Live! and kicking some ass, I do approve of that game when Australians are playing. Unfortunately it went back to it's old ways and connected me to a USA game so I had to put up with terrible lag for one of my matches, the rest were all good though (aside from the huge amount of time it takes Match Making to put you into a new game). I've only just discovered that Bungie are making a new campaign for Halo 3 called Mythic, I wonder what it's about. Jack speculated that it may be about the remaining spartans and judging from the trailer it seems to be set on earth so that would make sense. I was planning on playing some more Halo this week but that's alright, got plenty of other commitments.

I've watched the new episodes of Heroes, Supernatural & Smallville and I must say they're all off to good starts for the new seasons. Supernatural especially :O

I've had a good weekend- no stress, no people relying on me to do things, I could just kick back and relax and do absolutely nothing lol - no commitments ftw

The things i'm looking forward to most are: Fable 2, next weeks TV shows & surprisingly, getting a job so I can get some damned money :P

Blog Updated

Ok I felt like starting up my blog again so I've given it a modern Blogger template so now posts have titles and you can make comments on them. Previously there was a service that hosted comments for the blog offsite but that has since been discontinued and all comments made on my previous posts are gone forever.

I've just gone through all my posts and given them titles so the archive menu is now able to be navigated properly.

I do plan on posting more now but things don't always goto plan :P

Consult for random crap I find :)

Also, subscribe to the RSS for this blog.


School Holidays

First week of the school holidays are over, i've spent the majority of my time with Lexx. We've just been hanging out at my house being stupid and whatnot. Josh's sister got married this week :D perfect weather for it too, he said the wedding was pretty good (he was bestman, lucky guy :P). This week sometime I plan on going on a trip with Nakkari & Cabel which should be pretty exciting (yay roadtrip!). Only problem is that i've been tasked with organizing when and where we go and i'm pretty crap at organizing things, no less organizing a trip somewhere. I've never really looked into places to go or accommodation or anything so that should be an interesting thing to do, especially trying to find accommodation at short notice. A friend suggested that maybe we can go camping, although I don't have a terrible amount of space in my car lol

Things I planned for these holidays:
* Chill at Aaron/Reubens place (need to see you guys more :P)
* Learn reverse engineering (bah, i'll never get around to that one)
* Roadtrip (decisions, decisions)
* Look for a job
* Take the A+ exam (don't know about money or if i'm even ready for it)
* Catchup with some people I don't normally see (doesn't look like I have time, oh well :P)

I think I had some other stuff in mind but I can't remember any of it so, whatever.

To elaborate on some of those points, Reverse engineering has always seemed pretty interesting to me but i've never bothered to get to it as it seems time consuming and heavily math based and i'm no good at math so I always procrastinate it and say i'll do it on the holidays :P

Taking the A+ exam is somewhat vital to my future employment but I believe there are 2 exams you need to sit to get it and they each cost $300 to take so I wouldn't want to fail one and have to pay more :x

Looking for a job is something i've been meaning to do but keep putting off because I don't really know what I want to do. It's kind of got to the stage where it doesn't matter what i'm doing, as long as they pay me though so i'll just take anything I can get accepted into.