Thursday, June 10, 2004

XBins Chat Convo

Here's a conversation that took place in xbins chat.

[mickster] I was soldering away, and I got a shock fromit
[PreciousR] haha
[DrD] lol
[mickster] what is so funny?
[PreciousR] what? You were soldering with it plugged in?
[mickster] yes
[DrD] tell us about the fire
[mickster] the guy who sold me the chip, told me to leave it plugged with a CD running
[mickster] or it wouldn't work
* PreciousR falls out of bed onto floor laughing, yet still typing away on nifty cordless keyboard...
[DrD] cool
[DrD] nifty
[mickster] so, you no how the bottom of the iron gets hot?
[DrD] yeah
[DrD] the hot end
[PreciousR] irons have bottoms?
[mickster] I had it on the power cord
[mickster] and didn't notice
[PreciousR] OMFG
[mickster] I could smell it, but I thought it was solder :(
[DrD] I'm fucking tearing
[DrD] :S
[deano] rofl
[mickster] and zam.. I got another shock
[DrD] so what did you do next Mick?
[mickster] then, the cord lit on fire
[DrD] and did you get some water?
[mickster] NO
[DrD] awww
[Niggeresq] =(
[mickster] I unplugged it right away
[DrD] smart thinking!
[deano] ROFL

I have UT2004, I got it from Simon at a LAN over at rbn's place. It's alright, the space level sucks, Invasion rules, ONS-Pipeline rules, if you have UT2004 go download ONS-Pipeline it's a really cool fun-filled map :)

I am trying to get Rurouni Kenshin Episode 61 but it's taking so long, it's been downloading for 4 Days 10:02:40 now, nobody ever comes online with it, it's all leechers, where are the seeders :( Stupid Overnet! BitTorrent and BearShare are so much better...

Dinner just got home...