Saturday, October 04, 2008

What a Great Night

I had the best night that i've had in ages, tonight I went out to Leigh's place since he's home from Canberra until Monday.

Andrew Brett, Camo, Shan, Stephen Taylor & Jessie Walton were there. I spoke to Andrew, Camo & Shan for ages and ages and we just hung out like we used to in school. It seems none of us have hung out with people from school much and we all agreed we need to hangout more. We spoke for ages and it was like 1:30 when Andrew went home, then Ash Smith rocked up cause he had just finished work. Leighs brother Glen was there too, obviously ;). He had two friends that I hadn't met before there too, Tim from Warrnambool and some other guy who I haven't heard of before. They were both pretty cool guys, all of us just sat around and talked for the night and it was damn fun. At about 3:30 we decided to call it quits and I took Shannon and Camo to Mc Donalds and then home. Shan lives right near where Lexx used to live which I found to be a pretty strange co-incidence, I wouldn't have known if I hadn't got lost trying to get out of his damn street. We went up 'Cameron Rs' (We figured it was a sign) and then I saw the milk bar near her old house and I knew how to get home, ftw!

Shan, Camo & Me sat around and watched the end of Miami Vice (looks like a bad movie :P), then the news which I learnt that the US stock market is 10 trillion in debt from. Shan kept saying "it's worth more than the US stock market" about everything. The news also had some thing about a house that was given away free on eBay, I wonder why they did that. Surely the land is worth something.

I found out that Camo is working at the place my mum told me to apply for work at (Snappers in greensy), would be awesome if I got the job and had shifts with him. Shan works at McDonalds in Diamo and said he can get me free stuff if he's on :o

It was a hell good night and Ash said he's going to get us to come out with him sometime soon so i'm looking forward to it :)

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