Sunday, September 28, 2008

School Holidays Update

Lexx is going to be with me second week after all, so the new plans for the holidays are:
* Look for a job
* Take the A+ exam (don't know about money or if i'm even ready for it)

Yesterday I was playing Halo 3 on Live! and kicking some ass, I do approve of that game when Australians are playing. Unfortunately it went back to it's old ways and connected me to a USA game so I had to put up with terrible lag for one of my matches, the rest were all good though (aside from the huge amount of time it takes Match Making to put you into a new game). I've only just discovered that Bungie are making a new campaign for Halo 3 called Mythic, I wonder what it's about. Jack speculated that it may be about the remaining spartans and judging from the trailer it seems to be set on earth so that would make sense. I was planning on playing some more Halo this week but that's alright, got plenty of other commitments.

I've watched the new episodes of Heroes, Supernatural & Smallville and I must say they're all off to good starts for the new seasons. Supernatural especially :O

I've had a good weekend- no stress, no people relying on me to do things, I could just kick back and relax and do absolutely nothing lol - no commitments ftw

The things i'm looking forward to most are: Fable 2, next weeks TV shows & surprisingly, getting a job so I can get some damned money :P

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