Thursday, October 27, 2005

Is Quake 4 Good?

People have been asking me, is Quake 4 good? Well yes it is good. Damn good, it does the Quake series well (on the multiplayer side anyway).

Quake 4 has a nice singleplayer mode until you turn into a strogg at which point the level designers just packed up and went home. Good luck finding ammo or health anywhere. Once you are a strogg expect to run around with 20hp and 10 bullets in each gun being the norm. There are also parts of the game where you have to use various vehicles. Not only are these boring but the stuff you have to do in them just plain sucks. Vehicles are not good in this game. Aside from having virtually no ammo when you become a strogg all e's are turned into 3's because stroggs are more leet than humans. Oh and you run a little faster & have a max of 150hp instead of 100hp. Other than that being a strogg does nothing to change the game. Except for the previously mentioned lack of level designers of course.

I've decided to stop playing the singleplayer because of the gay low ammo in all my guns and no health and move onto multiplayer. It's a lot better than the singleplayer and is like a new version of the Quake 3 multiplayer. It plays well except for the low framerates which you'll encounter at times (mostly in the larger areas of the maps). The maxplayers is set to 12 or 16 on most of the servers yet the maps that shipped with the game aren't really made for those counts. You usually spawn and instantly get killed or have another person spawn right next to you which you can try and dispatch with your crappy machine gun or just rush them with the gauntlet (if they dont rush you first).

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Me, being teh pwnz0rz and all have to carry this over to Quake 4 and pwnz0rz everyone in the servers. Heh heh heh, I so owned those nubs.
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If you are thinking about whether or not you should buy Quake 4 keep in mind the singleplayer is only fun for half of the game but the multiplayer is totally teh pwnz0rz. You might want to wait for a few more user maps to showup though as there are only 9 multiplayer maps that ship with the game. I haven't played any mode except Deathmatch and Tournament so far since all the CTF servers are empty. I guess CTF sucks :P

If I had to rate Quake 4 then i'd rate it as follows:

Graphics: 8 (Doesn't run too hot on older hardware)
Sound: 5 (The guns sound pretty crappy)
Gameplay (Singleplayer): 5 (So-so, not so great)
Gameplay (Multiplayer): 8 (Yay, Quake 3 is back baby!)
Value: 9 (The singleplayer isn't too hot but the multiplayer will keep you coming back for more)

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