Friday, May 21, 2004

Gaming Gibberish, XBMC is born

There is a condition zero mission pack out called "Operation Black Sun", you can get it at

I got Ninja Gaiden for XBOX 2 days before it came out :) it was released 2 days ago. Ninja Gaiden is such a kickass game, I have the American version so you can cut peoples heads off and stuff, who needs stealth when you have a pissed ninja with a sword? heh heh heh...

I got tHc Dash for my XBOX, its the hacked MS Dash so it looks and acts the same as the normal MS Dash but it lets you add/modify menu items. I also got avalaunch which is probarbly the best dashboard around, it lets you update the dashboard from a menu item, lets you FTP, lets you download save games, lets you download new skins, lots of cool features. It even features a RSS News Ticker so you can get all the news straight from the XBOX Scene ( :)

Kai registrations are open so go register now at it lets you play your Nintendo Gamecube, PS2 and XBOX games over the internet for free!

I updated my XBOX Media Player to XBOX Media Centre, the menus aren't working correctly so I can't stream my Anime so i'm going to revert to XBOX Media Player. XBOX Media Centre is going to have Kai built-in though so when thats added I'll get it again (That is, if avalaunch doesn't get it added at the same time or earlier)

At school I am getting in trouble for not doing my essays correctly, I really don't understand these essay things. The Dungeon Siege II website is so go check it out now if you haven't already, this game is going to be better than the original Dungeon Siege I should hope, speaking of which I need to get the expansion pack and the patch for Dungeon Siege.

Yesterday I was messing around with Half-Life 2 and got network play working, you have to add the line "maxplayers 32" to the bottom of your config.cfg in the hl2 folder then in the cfg folder. Now everytime you load a map anyone can connect to you (provided you have port 27015 open that is), if I can get a level editor for Half-Life 2 i'll make a deathmatch level for some old school deathmatch action.

If anyone has the torrent for Counter Strike Source, an IRC channel I can get it from or a direct link (ftp/http) please tell me asap as I really want Counter-Strike Source

My Windows Security Update CD arrived in the mail today after 10 days, it was free :) You can get your own at: You dont need to fill in country code, phone number or area code. Just leave those fields blank.

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