Saturday, May 01, 2004


I now have a Moblog which lets me post pictures, you can view it at, I don't know when I'll post pictures in there, probarbly when I'm bored. It is confirmed, Shannon and Simo are coming to my house tomorrow to play some CS, they are going down! >=)

According to which links to some other articles, they seem to have located Atlantis and Noah's Ark (two seperate articles). Most people believe they have not found Atlantis and that Atlantis is under Antartica, I read the articles and it turns out in Alexander's time there was no ice on Antartica. Apparently Antartican's were technologically advanced and had plumbing, water works, etc. like the Romans did. Near the start of civilization the Egyptions were near Antartica, apparently they got given knowledge by the civilization on Antartica which is why they were interested in Astronomy. Maybe they got the knowledge of how to build pyramids from them too, but you never know....

This is a relitively short post as I don't really have much else to say.

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