Sunday, April 25, 2004

ZBot Leak, Americas Army

The hacked offical bots for Counter-Strike 1.6 (zbot) are very good. When playing on Level 4 they are very hard to kill, they keep in contact with you over the radio and give you status reports ("3 guys left", "Only 2 to go", "One guy left") which does get annoying when you are trying to listen for footsteps and you hear them instead. The voices are just the same sound files with masks applied to them so they sound odd, I wonder what they'd sound like if I recorded my voice into those files lol i'll have to find out sometime.

As for 1.5 you can use ivpbot which is Improved Version Podbot I believe, its like the PodBot except it is updated more, they are smarter and they have personalities and stuff such as Agressive personality :)

I finished the America's Army training missions last night so now I can actually play the game! I find it very stupid that the missions you can play are calculated from your training scores, but hey I suppose it makes it more realistic, but maybe I don't want it that realistic? Maybe I just want to get straight into the action? They don't account for that ovbiously, but I shouldn't complain, its a free game, but I still like complaining, got nothing else to do.

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