Sunday, April 25, 2004

My Collection & Advent Children

At the moment I am adding the games I own to "My Collection" on IGN, this will keep me busy for a few days. You can see the collection here. I just set the region to PAL on all of them as I cbf checking if they are NTSC or not. Not all of them will be rated, I'm wondering when E3 is going to be, its in May, I'll have to see what the exact date is, apparently more Final Fantasy Advent Children news will be released (Hopefully a new clip to go with it!)

I am waiting for Advent Children to come out in Japan, then I'll try and get myself a copy of it with English subtitles, of course I'll buy it when it comes out here so I get my DVD Quality :) :)

Also at E3, more Sony Pocket Station news should be released, dammit I can't wait for this Advent Children and Pocket Station crap, I hope there'll be some other cool games on show there too (Fable? Doom III? Half-Life 2?), we need Half-Life 2 to be released before it becomes outdated, Far Cry is the best FPS on the market (Coming after Halo, which is coming after Doom II)

Been playing more Counter-Strike, I want to be able to own those level 4 bots, they think they are so good with their headshots and instant turning, well I'll show them! *turns knife only mode on* >=) KNIFE WARS!!!

Graal Online forums got hacked by Luke, thats pretty cool, I don't know why he hasn't banned the guy insulting him. Trust Angel to have corridor as her password roflmao. I find it pretty stupid beacuse unixmad was on the forums at the time of the defacement and he didn't do anything, then he went away for very important buisiness I presume, whatever their company does thats important i'll never know since the site hasn't been updated since SCARS was released on the N64, sad really.....

Head on over to to checkout a really cool Tank Wars game made in Java, also the Runescape address is in case you were wondering. The graphics in it are nice now but it still lags like a bitch which renders it nearly unplayable.

On Slashdot today they posted about Credit Cards with Voice Authentication in them, sounds cool to me, they should develop software that uses a facial map (via webcam) and voice authentication (via microphone) for desktop computers, that way no unauthorized access on my computer and I won't have to remember my password (oh yea mines set to auto-login with a blank password to an Administrator account, nice and secure, just the way Windows is supposed to be!)

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