Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finished Prince of Persia (360)

Prince of Persia has an amazing ending sequence, the last boss presentation is extremely unique and cool too (although it doesn't change game mechanics in any way).

I found Prince of Persia to be a really cool game although incredibly easy as you can't die in it. The game is mostly about puzzles and platforming although there are a few fights in it (mostly bosses) the combat system is really cool but still easy as you can't die.

I'm going to keep playing it even though I've finished it to try and collect all the light seeds (damned things :P) and get the race achievements.

Sands of Time Skins (Farah and Classic Prince) (360/PS3/PC)
At the Choose Skin Manager, Enter Passcode 525858542

Altair (PC)
At the Choose Skin Manager, Enter Passcode 13372805

Prototype Prince & Elika Skins (PC)
Collect all 1001 light seeds and defeat the final boss

Altair (360/PS3)
To gain access to the Altair skin, you'll need to register (for free) at Ubisoft.com. Once you have a copy of Prince of Persia, link your Ubi account to your Xbox 360 Gamertag or PSN screen name from the Prince of Persia main menu to access the Altair skin. Once linked you can switch skins from the main menu. This is Altair, but rendered in POP's slick art style. Via IGN.com

Combat Specialist Achievement (360)
You get an achievement for doing every combo in the game, I have made up a spreadsheet so you can check them off as you do them here:

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