Friday, December 24, 2004

Halo 2 > Half-Life 2

We all know that Half-Life 2 is going to win the Game Of The Year award. Why? I don't fucking know. Halo 2 is so much better than Half-Life 2. Lets see what points people push that Half-Life 2 is good.

*Involving Story -> Nothing could be further from the truth. While the game has an interesting story that makes you feel part of it it is lacking a lot in direction. There are very few moments in the game when you aren't by yourself.
*Next Generation Graphics -> Doom 3 is prettier :)
*Amazing Physics -> Half-Life 2 uses the havok engine for it's physics. You can get some of the code from the source leak. Tribes Vengeance uses the same physics engine and a lot of other games are using it now too.

Halo 2 is great beacuse you usually have team mates and you alternatve between playing as a covenant elite and a spartan.
It takes all the good things from the first game and makes them better.
It adds dual-weilding, they have completely re-done the enemy AI, you can hijack vehicles, it has XBOX Live 3.0 (Even though Rainbow Six 3 has better game choosing. On Halo 2 you need the party system to even play in the same game as your friend beacuse it just joins you to a random game. You can't even choose which game you want to play in!), heaps more secrets than the original Halo and the graphics are pushing the XBOX to it's limit. It looks very beautiful and colorful unlike the bland textures of Half-Life 2.

Halo 2 should win game of the year not this sad excuse for a game named Half-Life 2. I sppose i'm being pretty heavy on Half-Life 2 but I would've expected more from Valve in 5 years of development. After the leak in 2001 they haven't really done much to the game. It also uses the gay content delivery system named Steam. There are so many problems with this I can't be bothered listing them. Goto and download Half-Life 2 from there. You can get CSS & the netplay hack too :) Do not support Steam!

I wonder if I could get away linking to a piracy forum on MSN Blogs probarbly not but here on Blogger I have full freedom of speech. They aren't censoring or editing my posts in any way at all :) They are excellent and if you need a blog head to

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