Sunday, October 10, 2004

Blogging from Gametec LAN

Yo writing this at Gametec lan everyone here is complaining beacuse the network is down. I paid $20 for this? Haha nobody seems to know whats going on. The DHCP server got power surged :(

I've been playing some Doom 3 offline but I have no idea what I was doing at the time and where to go so I got totally fucked up.

Shouts out to CAmo and Bucci for not coming after all.

Everyone say it working now but they probarbly wrong >_<

Someone with ICS is fucking up our DHCP and stopping us from getting an address. I will find them and kill them and all will be right in the world.
except for terrorism.... and hunger in those 3rd world country places...

And dont forget Georgie... and Bush .. wait, they are all tghe same!! 666!

But then afain... killing everyone would solve world hunger and terrorism... no people left, noone to terrorize...

But then theres no H.A.c's to screw... HAC = Hot Azn Chick... Oh yeeeeeer

me fail enlish! thats unpossible

bring forth the pr0n!!




sOME GUY fucking caps lock just came and gave us a new uplink cable which will solve world hunger and maybe our lan problem

I ish wannet that $20! stop fucking with my keyboard josh!
yOU OF COURSE Fucking caps lock!!!!
damn microsoft! how could u!


Ni jiao Bendan!
Nimen shi da bian tou fa!
Ni de mama che wo de gou hen wo de mao!

Ben/Josh/Some random dude is here to solve all our problems (hopefuly!!!!)

I finished writing the above text at 4:41PM on 9/10/2004 at the Gametec-LAN
I was "helped" write the above by Josh & Some other guy
After being moved around a few times, being switched over to different switches/hubs and manually setting IPs it was evident that the network was fucked. When looking at it through Look@LAN every time you refreshed you saw different people randomly drop offline/come online. The LAN was dropping packets everywhere. I went home when my mum got there with my food at 9:30PM.
The result: After being at a LAN with no network (It was just a LA as Reuben called it) for 9 hours I ended up being able to play 1/4 of a game of Counter-Strike on the lan, 2 matches of Halo on XBOX where I owned Josh & Reuben (well me and Reuben tied but I still owned him) and 2 levels of Doom 1 offline. I feel my $20 was not spent well and will not be going to any big LANs in future. I will stick to the ones me and my friends organize. I got a phone call from Reuben at about 9:50PM saying that in about an hour they would have the LAN fixed and that people can get refunds. He rang back about 5 minutes later to say I couldn't get a refund beacuse I'd already left before he said that. Josh is so fucking stingy I just left 5 minutes ago and he won't refund me! I got a free issue of Atomic from the LAN (A month old issue which I already have since i'm subscribed) and someone's Halo CD Key.

End Transmission.

Update: According to a guy I met there 30 minutes after I left they got the network up and running by resetting all the switches and reprogramming the cisco ones.

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