Sunday, September 05, 2004

No Updates in Awhile

Hey guys haven't updated my blog in awhile, I really should update this thing more often. I really forgot about it until recently. I've just come back from a LAN at Rbn's house from Friday til Sunday. I remembered to get some sleep at this LAN so i'm not totally fucked right now. In fact I don't feel tired at all but I have this burning stain in my mouth after drinking 1.25L of Vanilla Coke. Damn it's annoying.

Josh's XBOX was softmodded sucessfully with the UDE exploit after something like 6 weeks of Rbn been asleep or not home or not having the stuff we needed. It's a good thing we got it done beacuse his dad was getting pissed off at having to drive him over here every weekend lol

I have 4 gmail invites at the moment so if anyone wants to be invited to gmail talk to me before they are all gone :D

Right now I am trying to get this "Killer Instinct X" thing onto my XBOX, it's not really an xbox game its the arcade versions of Killer Instinct emulated on the XBOX. I am out of PC hard drive space so it's hard to get it onto my hard drive ready for transfer which is a pain in the ass.

Today I had some mod points on /. which I used to mod some people up :)

Checkout my friends web comic at

Arg me mum is telling me to goto bed now. I was hoping to add more to this post. Ah well catch.

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